Friday, August 20, 2010


eCops : eCops.doc
Online National Polling : Online National Polling.doc
Online library Management system : Online Library Management System.doc
Management of Group Hotels : Manage group of Hotels.doc
Smart City : SmartCity.doc
ePost Office : ePost office.doc
Internet Banking System : Internet banking System.doc
Mentoring for Women : Mentoring for Women.doc
Online Job Portal : Online Job Portal.doc
Patient billing software : Patient Billin software.doc
Prison Management system : Prison Management System.doc
Virtual Classroom : Virtual Classroom System.doc
Microfinance : Microfinance.doc
National Rural Employment : National Rural Employment.doc
Personal Identity Management : Personal Identity Management.doc
Matrimonial Portal : Matrimonial portal.doc
Jobs for Migrants : Jobs for Migrants.doc
Chess Master Club : Chessmaster club.doc
Automation of Civil courts : Automation of Civil courts.doc
Online Ticketing : OnlineTicketing.doc
Local Language in Mobile : Local language in mobile.doc
Utilisation of Government benifits for BPL Families : Utilisation of government benifits for BPL families.doc
Work for Workers : Work for workers.doc
Virtual medical home : Virtual Medical home.doc
Stop Global Warming : Stop Global warming.doc
Save her from Cancer : Save her from cancer.doc